Each question in this quiz has three different answers…and they all rhyme. 

For example: Clues- plus one; not false; azure color

Answers– two, true, blue


  1. A barrel maker; a state police officer; a funny error caught on film

  2. A small rodent raised for fur; a member of the nonhuman primate family; the capital of the Philippines

  3. To argue or raise objections about a trivial matter; to write something quickly and carelessly; small pellets of dry dog food

  4. A Woodwind instrument commonly used in classical music and jazz; a string puppet; a woman who fought for the right to vote

  5. To ask a question; cheerful and lively; a small pitted fruit

  6. The eggs of a fish or frog; reflex associated with boredom; chess piece

  7. A visible mass of condensed water vapor; a great deal of volume; a large number of people gathered together

  8. An indeterminate number of things; a feeling of guess based on intuition; a jab

  9. Popular style of boots in the 1960s; an animal best known for being extinct; a children’s toy

  10. Full of moxie; a drug addict; a playful primate

  11. Feeling nauseated; squalid or sordid; achieved without great difficulty

  12. Scared; double-crossed someone; a celebratory procession

  13. To set free; to asphyxiate; to embellish a cake





  1. Cooper, trooper, blooper

  2. Chinchilla, gorilla, Manila

  3. Quibble, scribble, kibble

  4. Clarinet, marionette, suffragette

  5. Query, merry, cherry

  6. Spawn, yawn, pawn

  7. Cloud, loud, crowd

  8. Brunch, lunch, punch

  9. Go-go, dodo, yo-yo

  10. Spunky, junkie, monkey

  11. Queasy, sleazy, easy

  12. Afraid, betrayed, parade

  13. Liberate, suffocate, decorate