A semordnilap is a word that spells a different word backward and forward, such as “faced” and “decaf.” (Give yourself a pat on the back if you noticed something special about the word “semordnilap.”)

  1. Forward, it’s an initial bet in poker; backward, it’s a mountain in Italy.

  2. Forward, it’s an uncultivated tract of land; backward it’s a division of a house enclosed by walls

  3. Forward, it’s a sturdy fabric; backwards, it means searched for and/or obtained coal, copper, etc.

  4. Forward, it’s one of six simple machines identified by Renaissance scientists; backward, it means to enjoy yourself in a lively and noisy way, especially with drinking and dancing

  5. Forward, it’s a sheet of dried seaweed often used to wrap sushi; backward, it removes wrinkles

  6. Forward, it’s fit for a monarch; backward, it’s a type of beer that is often lighter in color and body

  7. Forward, it’s an emotional state; backward, it’s death, destruction or some terrible fate

  8. Forward, it means to discharge or give forth; backward, it’s often referred to as the fourth dimension and it includes the past, the present and the future

  9. Forward, it means twofold or double; backward, it’s high praise

  10. Forward, it’s a famous Middle East canal; backward, he’s the Greek king of the gods




  1. Ante, Etna

  2. Moor, room

  3. Denim, mined

  4. Lever, revel

  5. Nori, iron

  6. Regal, lager

  7. Mood, doom

  8. Emit, time

  9. Dual, laud

  10. Suez, Zeus