Sentence Sleuth

A true sentence sleuth can find the one word that is hidden somewhere in a sentence.  In this case, can you find the name of an animal, bird  or reptile?  The correct answer could be spread over one, two, or several words and you should ignore all punctuation, capital letters, etc., when looking for the animal.

  1. Frustrated by all the wedding arrangements, Constance and Grant eloped instead.

  2. Last autumn, Petey watched his grandpa rake Etta’s yard after she hurt her back.

  3. Seymour didn’t notice that his naked toddler had run out onto the sidewalk.

  4. “Sometimes, it’s ok to be average,” said Kate to her stressed -out teenage daughter.

  5. After he made his withdrawal, Rusty bought his new car with the cash he got from his father.

  6. “Brooke cannot terminate her cell phone contract until next year,” said her sister Cecelia.

  7. When she saw the wreckage on television, Salvatore’s sister shouted, “Sal, a man derailed the train to Chicago!”

  8. “I like Rikki’s new boyfriend Jack a lot,” said Rachel slyly.


  1. Antelope (Grant eloped)

  2. Parakeet ( Grandpa rake Etta’s)

  3. Snake (his naked)

  4. Beaver (be average)

  5. Walrus (withdrawal, Rusty)

  6. Otter (cannot terminate)

  7. Salamander (Sal, a man derailed

  8. Jackal (Jack a lot)