Weird Words

Do you know what these words mean? Shakespeare used these words in his plays.

  1. Addle egg

  2. Batty

  3. Prabble

  4. Truepenny

  5. Bedazzle

  6. Boggler

  7. Gull-catcher

  8. Hugger mugger

  9. Hurly Burly

  10. Skimble skamble

Weird Words Answers

  1. A addle egg is a ROTTEN EGG.

  2. Someone who is batty is BAT-LIKE

  3. A prabble is a QUARREL, a SCRABBLE

  4. Someone who is a truepenny is a TRUSTY PERSON

  5. To bedazzle is to DAZZLE THOROUGHLY

  6. A boggler is someone who HESITATES; is a STICKLER

  7. Someone who is a gull-catcher is a TRICKSTER, a CHEAT

  8. When something is done hugger mugger it is done in SECRECY, CONCEALMENT

  9. When something is hurly burly it is full of COMMOTION, CONFUSION, STRIFE

  10. If you are skimble skamble you are CONFUSED, NONSENSICAL.

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