Word Ladders

Work Your Brain…..

                                               Think About It….

Did you know that you have 15  times more neurons in your brain than there are people on this planet?  What a great brain we all have!

Word Ladders…

Change just one letter on each line to go from the top word to the bottom word.  Do not change the order of the letters.  You must have a common English word at each stop.

  1. PEACH                                                          2. SHOW

______ educate                                               _________ not quick

______ shore                                                   _________

_______                                                            _________ do farm work

LEECH                                                             _________

                                                                           _________ an object used in a                                                                                                theatrical production



3. CLUSTER                                                       4. GREAT

_________                                                            _______ snack

_______ a workman employed                         _______

                To use explosives

_______                                                                 ________

_______ serving dish                                          ________ a domesticated species

PLANTER                                                           _ _______



  1. Peach, teach, beach, beech, leech

  2. Show, slow, flow, plow, prow, prop, drop

  3. Cluster, bluster, blaster, plaster, platter, planter

  4. Great, treat, tread, bread, breed, greed, greet