Brain Exercises – May31

Some Tantalizing Vocabulary

Match the word on the left with a meaning on the right

  1. Concatenated             A. When the sound of a word imitates a natural sound

2. Refulgent                   B. Linked together; united in chain or series

3. Emolument                 C. Without taste, shoddy, cheap

4. Decoction                    D. Scarcity, small numbers, fewness

5. Verisimilitude             E. Burdensome, oppressive

6. Arrant                          F. Shining, radiant, glowing

7. Tawdry                         G.  A distillation, obtained by boiling down

8. Paucity                        H.  Totally, very much so, downright

9. Onerous                      I. Profit from office, salary

10. Onomatopoeia          J. The appearance of truth


Unscramble these words and phrases to form lists of words related to the phrase at the top.


  1. Rip Lane
  2. Arm Lace
  3. Teach Cool
  4. Am Rug Plus
  5. Rice coil
  6. Tee Off
  7. On a Tug
  8. Pet Ruin Battle
  9. Cranky Cod
  10. Drug Mop
  11. Fur Left


Some Tantalizing Vocabulary

  1. B     The bones in the neck of a child are concatenated.
  2. F      The refulgent moon completed the romantic setting.
  3. I        His emolument reached five figures.
  4. G     Many medicines result from decoction of substances.
  5. J      To add verisimilitude to their story, they had witnesses.
  6. H     His actions proved him to be an arrant fool.
  7. C     The tawdry decorations were not the work of artists.
  8. D     The paucity  of his vocabulary was evident in his writing.
  9. E     An onerous task was imposed on him as a punishment.
  10. A     The use of onomatopoeia enhanced the poem.

Sweet Tooth

  1. Praline
  2. Caramel
  3. Chocolate
  4. Sugarplum
  5. Licorice
  6. Toffee
  7. Nougat
  8. Peanut Brittle
  9. Rock Candy
  10. Gumdrop
  11. Truffle