Who are We?

308425_100511580062812_1379642852_nThe Community Classroom is a committee of The Gathering Place, a 501(c)(3) organization. We are committed to continuing educational opportunities for adult learners. We have volunteer committees. The hours spent in inviting instructors, scheduling classes, creating and distributing  our brochures and maintaining our website have been labors of love and a reflection of our commitment to continuing education.

Our committee members are: Dori Waters, Emily Rancier, Anne Armezzani, Ann  Tracey Khalife, Trudy Montella, Sue Wittman, Warren Watkins, Lindsey Hardy, Grace Farrell and Paula Baillie.

We have a programming committee that assists the Community Classroom in designing classes and events. Connie McDonnell, Nancy Parlo, Debbie McBride, Trudy Montella, Katie Michaels, Dori Waters, Debbie McBride, Emily Rancier,  Anne Armezzani and Paula Baillie serve on this committees. 

As Dori Waters always says,

“It takes a village…”

The Abington Area Community Classroom remains committed to bringing learning and entertainment opportunities to our greater “village.”