ceramic tiles

Community Art Project

This project is underwritten by a grant from the
Overlook Estate Foundation.

Help create hand-crafted tiles for a beautiful backsplash in our serving area.  Kelley Stewart will present an information session on indigenous trees & their importance to NEPA’s eco system in the first class, then Diana Lombardi will teach how to imprint native leaves onto the tiles in the second class.

Session 1  –    Saturday, May 11    2:00 – 3:30 PM

Identifying native trees taught by Kelley Stewart, Forest Specialist at Wayne Conservation District

Would you like to know more about the trees? Increase your knowledge and appreciation for trees.  Learn how to identify species throughout the seasons using characteristics such as bark, buds, leaves, flowers and seeds.  We will discuss the habitats that host different species and the importance of planting natives.

Session 2  – New Date: June 1      2:00 PM 

Leaf-imprinted tile making taught by Diana Lombardi.

Free to public. Please register by emailing us at gatheringplacecs@gmail.com, so we can prepare materials. We will reserve your seat.