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The Gallery Hours
Tuesday – Thursday 10  AM – 2 PM
Friday 10 AM – 12 PM

Thru February 
The Gallery is featuring  two artists –
Emily Rancier, fiber artist.

Felt “Skins”

Emily Rancier’s medium is fiber and my materials are wool and silk fibers. She uses carded wool batts, yarns and rovings; and silks of all descriptions – mawata caps, threads, fiber pieces, yarns and fabric. Her process is strictly intuitive.

She begins by folding a piece of white batting (containing several fine layers of fiber) to the size of an oblong dyeing pan. Then she pours 3 or 4 different dye colors over the surface which simmer for a half hour or more. When this batt has been rinsed and dried, opened up and pulled into a shape she has a canvas on which she builds up a design. When she is satisfied with the design she felts the piece by massaging and rolling inside a curtain and grip mat until it has integrity; and then she gives it a title.

The pieces that will be exhibited “were created pre-election and during covid – as therapy you might say.”


December 9 – January 9
Josh Rivaldo

Concept Art

Josh is a graduate of Ringling College of Design and Art in Sarasota, Florida. He works in several mediums and media platforms. His talents cover many areas: Portraits that Josh creates to “convey a unique story that can be treasured for a lifetime”; custom paintings of homes; personalized realtor/closing gifts; new/first home gifts; logos to strongly identify companies, organizations, products or brands; and gift cards, along with his signature works in conceptual art.

Josh’s work as a concept artist is vivid and dynamic.His passion for his creations is stated in his words: “I live and breathe the illustration/concept art lifestyle.”

The public is invited to enjoy this live demonstration by Josh.
For more information, visit Josh’s site at

November Exhibition
Featuring the Work of Bill Teitsworth
November 8 -December 8

October Art Exhibition
Featuring the Recent Work of artist Michael Lambert
October 2 – 31st

Michael Lambert


September Art Exhibition

August Art Exhibit
Artist Jon Harcharek

Bears in the Summit Show – July 2021


Robin La Cicero

I have been a professional photographer since 2006. For almost 15 years I have gotten up early to meet the sunrise and see what the day will bring during winter, spring, summer and fall. I run out before the sunsets too. Life is always an adventure with so much to see every day. I love living in the Northeast of Pa.

I have grown into an award-winning photographer with awards ranging from Endless Mountain Art Studio to the Weather Channel. I love all wildlife shots from our area and have great respect for Mother Nature.

My photos are made to look beautiful – I am a digital artist. I use the software of Photoshop and Lightroom and I have camera gear which helps me to shoot from a distance so as not to disturb the wildlife. I belong to Northeast Photography Club and have learned so much from the club.

At this time I am in two galleries Milford Artistry Exchange in Milford, Pa, and the Art Factory of White Mills, Pa. I want to tell a story as your eye is drawn into the photo.

You can follow me on Facebook – Robin LaCicero – for the latest, greatest shots from Maine to Florida. My work will look great in your home or office, or as a special gift.

Robin’s work is at The Gathering Place from
July 1 to July 31.

The Gathering Place Art Gallery features
the work of 
established and emerging artists
working or living in NEPA.