Community Classroom

This pandemic has posed challenges for us all. Our class schedule will be more fluid than in the past as we work with our instructors to bring you quality classes. 


Enjoy the stimulating atmosphere of an old-time salon with twist of technology held by an inspiring host with the purpose educating and entertaining.  Join us, in-person and on Zoom, for some conversation and inspiration.

A Discussion of Friendship
Sunday, June 6 at 7 PM 

Discuss with William Rowe, Ph.D., C. S. Lewis’s treatment of friendship in his essay, The Four Loves. He’ll focus on three controversial points in Lewis’ approach; his separation of friendship from “companionship,” his view of friendship between the sexes, and his insistence that friendship has a dark side. We’ll aim to have as much discussion in our session as possible. Any edition of The Four Loves will do.
Cost: $5

Planning & Planting Your Garden
Tuesday, May 11 at 12 noon
Get expert tips on preparing your soil and planting your flowers or vegetables so that your summer harvest will be beautiful and bounteous. Penn State Master Gardener Gary White will give tips on how to make the most of your time and garden.
This class will be a Zoom format.
Cost: $5

Rights & the Common Good
Sunday, May 16 at 7 PM
Hal Baillie, Ph.D. will discuss how rights have become human, social assertions, with historical and culturally based meanings, capable of being enlarged, multiplied, and molded by the temper of the times. While originally thought to be self-evident, rights are now the subject of cultural interpretation, thus the subject also of disagreement. This shift in context has reinforced the individualism inherent in rights and corroded the community’s ability to agree on a common good. How do we tame rights and identify a compelling common good?

This class will be a Zoom format.
Cost: $5

The Best Biscotti Ever!
Sunday May 23 at 4 PM
Chef and teacher Marzia Caporale will do a hands-on class on the art of making

This is an in-person class in The Gathering Place Kitchen. Everyone will go home with biscotti.
Class is limited to 10 people.
Cost: $10

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