Instructor Info

Dear Prospective Instructors:

Thank you for you interest in teaching a class, doing a demonstration or teaching a workshop for the Community Classroom.

Please tell us the dates and times (and second choices) that are most convenient for you. We hold our classes evenings starting between six and seven and daytimes, Tuesday through Friday. 

Please return the application found on this website as soon as possible, so we may begin the process of scheduling. Complete the application and mail it to us at our email address or by snail mail (the address can be found on the application).

We have struggled with how to reimburse our instructors. On one hand we respect all artist and educators for their skill, education and expertise; on the other hand we want to offer classes to the community at a reasonable cost. If the student fee is too high, often enrollment is insufficient to pay the instructor and the class must be cancelled. Please keep this in mind as you determine your honorarium. You offer your expertise to your community and we provide exposure to your art, business or projects. By keeping your cost reasonable, all three of us, you, your community and the Community Classroom will benefit from work together.

*Other notes for instructors:

We ask that you let people on your mailing and emailing lists know you are teaching a class. This helps us become better known in the community and will help with enrollment numbers. Please recommend our website. It allows people to signup for our e-newsletter, so we can keep your friends and customers abreast of new developments and opportunities.

We provide the instructor with student enrollment a week before class begins. We ask instructors to contact their students to confirm the class and add any last minute suggestions.

If a class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, instructors and students will be notified a week in advance of the start date.

Thank you for helping to make the Community Classroom a success. We look forward to hearing from you.

Download the Instructor Application Form – Snail Mail Form